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Updated: Jan 5, 2019

It's 2019. Welcome to my new website! Here's how I got here and why I chose Wix.

Researching photography web platforms requires ample amounts of mocha java.

Over the last few years I've tested about a dozen platforms for presenting and selling photographic artwork. If you've worked with me, I'm sure you've heard me yarn on about it. I've settled on Wix for a number of reasons. No platform is perfect for presenting Art Photography and my platform expectations are high (It is indeed 2019 after all).

Here's the primary functionality I required in my new site. In the coming months I will address each requirement in a separate blog post, comparing and contrasting other options. Now that I am committed to Wix, I'm certain there will be other platforms that have superior functionality but I'm not certain I will find one that combines them all the way Wix does. We'll see.

1. Membership Access

Not all of my images are suitable for print. It's the nature of Art Nude Photography. Over the years, I've been asked to display my works on-line and I have done so in a very limited way carefully controlling who has access to my work. At Art Shows I'm often asked to provide access to galleries form a specific photo shoot and I do readily. I'm never sure what my clients will want printed and oftentimes their preferences vary greatly from mine. So what membership access provides is a way to share all of my work (including behind-the-scenes) videos as well as photography tips with anyone interested and have the ability to earn something for providing access to the images. All of the images in member-only galleries are available to print or license as well as well (next requirement).

2. On-Demand Printing Fulfillment (to a good print house!)

3. Limited Edition Prints

4. Image and Gallery Download (Licensed Images)

5. Calendars, Books and Specialty Products

6. Client Galleries

7. Comments and Feedback

8. Bookings

9. Social Media Sharing (specifically, Instagram)

10. Integration with other e-commerce platforms - Amazon, Pinterest, Paypal.

11. Profit and Commission Sharing

12. Digital Currency Payment Support (Bitcoin)

13. Performance and Scalability

14. Ease of Use

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