Iron Kate Boss is my Superhero

Kate goofing about.

Kate says she is "Made with love" and the expression has it tattooed to her arm. And I can verify it's true. Kate is a unique person and special model for many reasons. First, Kate is a good business woman. When she first contacted me, Kate wanted details and specifics about the shoot, location, theme, attire etc. I knew right from the start we would have a great shoot. Why? Because that level of commitment and enthusiasm comes from deep seeded dedication to quality. You can see it in results of our collaboration. It's what you see in a true professional. Kate started modeling recently. She also took up triathlons too. And you know what? Kate is a winner! When you ever get the opportunity to work with Kate you will find her engaging, intelligent, fun and committed to success. Kate has my highest recommendation as a model and a human being. I wish Kate much luck but she won't need it! I know Kate will be successful. Her committment to mind/body/spirit and her great business instincts will allow nothing less. Good luck in 2019 Kate! I'm looking forward to our next collaboration! May it be as epic as our last!

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